Giving birth to a new life is one of the most amazing feeling for any mother and post pregnancy requires care as well.

Dietitian for Post & Pre Pregnancy in Delhi

Although every woman is aware of how important and crucial pregnancy is, most are unaware of the phase just before it, so contact for Diet Plan for Post & Pregnancy in Delhi which is the pre-pregnancy period.

Diet Plan for Pregnancy

Women understand the significance of pregnancy, but few recognize that the pre-pregnancy phase is just as important. An unhealthy or sedentary lifestyle can result in complications, so it is essential to look after yourself beforehand. We are committed to helping you and your team at DietNCure will make sure that you reach the ideal state of health.

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In order to support maternal health during pregnancy and lactation, you will learn how to get more nutrition with the help of a Dietitian in Delhi. You need a special, well-balanced diet during these phases to meet your nutritional needs.

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The DietNCure team of expert dieticians will provide you with a customized diet plan during pregnancy and lactation to ensure optimal nutrition for you and your baby. We do a series of assessments to understand what all changes your body is going through during this period. To ensure optimum nutrition for you and your baby, Dietitian Divya Gandhi in Delhi recommends a pregnancy and lactation diet that contains all the essential nutrients and supplements.

Our experts provide you with complete online and offline support via phone, WhatsApp, etc.

Support by DietNCure

With us, you will be under the supervision of SR. Dietician and Nutritionist Divya Gandhi once you have enrolled with us.

Pregnancy and lactation nutrition requirements in order to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy and lactation, here are some guidelines.

A good source of protein during pregnancy and lactation is paneer, nuts, pulses, beans, eggs, chicken, fish, and other meats.

Consume folic acid-rich food - Folic acid lowers the risk of neural tube defects. Green, leafy vegetables are rich in folic acid.

The increase in blood volume during pregnancy makes your body need more iron. A deficiency of iron could result in preterm birth or low birth weight in babies. Foods high in vitamin C, such as gooseberries (Amla), guava, and citrus, improve iron absorption.

Make sure that your baby eats calcium-rich foods - Dairy products, fish with edible bones, such as sardines, dried fruit, tofu, broccoli, eggs, etc.

Additionally, certain foods need to be avoided. These include seafood that contains mercury; raw or undercooked fish, and meats; excessive caffeine-related products; and alcohol.

Clients from all over the world are fully satisfied with our services.

Highlights of the program:

• Well-being begins with diet and nutrition.
• Preconception weight management.
• 3. Maintain an ideal body mass index.
• Nutritional nourishment.


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I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

She is an amazing person with a lot of experience. I'm extremely grateful to her for guiding me n bringing me to a level where I was not able to reach myself.
Thanks Divya.

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I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

She is friendly, understanding by nature. I really like her treatment and it is really valuable. Her style of treatment is different and enjoyable.
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I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

Its good to meet a superb dietician beacause of getting results on regular basis its feels losing weight is not so difficult. She maintains full records and full support on and how to loose weight.

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I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

Great experience, supportive behaviour and true motivation for weight loss.
Thanks team Nt. Divya Gandhi

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Story Of Success

I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

I m very thankful from core of my heart to Divya gandhi mam because of her i am here with a drastic change since past months. Her continuous motivation and diet plans helped me to follow deits despite my busy opd n clinics schedule.All credit goes to her. still long way to go to achieve my desired target.
Thank you mam once again 😊

Dr. Vidur Sharma


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