With the growing urge to look fit, people tend to adopt unhealthy practices. Being obese is a serious health concern and it can't be ignored.

Diet Plan for Target Weight Loss

A comprehensive lifestyle modification program, led by a nutritionist in Delhi, can help treat obesity. Let's take a closer look at the condition. Obesity is an accumulation of excessive and abnormal fatty cells in the body. It is a chronic disorder that has become a global menace, with India and other developed countries experiencing an epidemic of it. Not only does it affect the economy, but it also has serious long-term consequences such as diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses.

Fortunately, timely treatment and proper diet management can treat obesity and help obese people to regain their ideal body weight, preventing them from developing lifestyle diseases in the future. Overweight and obesity can be effectively managed with a therapeutic modified well calculated diet, a little bit of homely exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Following are some general dietary guidelines that should be followed regularly:
• Eat plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits as these are good sources of antioxidants
• Include one to two servings of excellent sources of protein-rich foods, such as lean meat & poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, paneer, yogurt, etc.
• Choose healthy snacks, such as nuts, as they are good sources of essential fatty acids
• Make sure you drink plenty of water
• Limit your intake of saturated fats, sugars, and alcohol

It is becoming more and more common for people to use FAD diets for weight loss in order to achieve quick results. However, such diets are not sustainable, can make you feel ill, and might lead to unpleasant long-term and short-term side effects, so it is highly recommended that you avoid them. Poor insulin sensitivity and lower body metabolism are the results of an unbalanced diet and lack of nutrients, which cause metabolic disturbances, obesity, and diabetes, among other fatal conditions.

For almost a decade we have been assisting people with Nt. Divya Gandhi weight loss, sports nutrition, and other therapeutic programs. Our unique approach focuses on improving body metabolism, endurance, and insulin sensitivity. We believe that every individual is different so we first try to identify the source of any weight or medical issues with assessments, a review of food records, general health questions, and anthropometrics (height, weight, and waist circumference). Dietary recommendations, tips, resources, and recipes are tailored to each person's specific needs. As we move forward in our journey together we will plan your diet according to your basal metabolic rate and other nutritional demands in order to help you overcome any obstacles.


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I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

She is an amazing person with a lot of experience. I'm extremely grateful to her for guiding me n bringing me to a level where I was not able to reach myself.
Thanks Divya.

Ruchita Gulati


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I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

She is friendly, understanding by nature. I really like her treatment and it is really valuable. Her style of treatment is different and enjoyable.
Thanks Divya.

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I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

Its good to meet a superb dietician beacause of getting results on regular basis its feels losing weight is not so difficult. She maintains full records and full support on and how to loose weight.

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I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

Great experience, supportive behaviour and true motivation for weight loss.
Thanks team Nt. Divya Gandhi

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Story Of Success

I feel super positive and energetic - the feelings that I did not know of before.

I m very thankful from core of my heart to Divya gandhi mam because of her i am here with a drastic change since past months. Her continuous motivation and diet plans helped me to follow deits despite my busy opd n clinics schedule.All credit goes to her. still long way to go to achieve my desired target.
Thank you mam once again 😊

Dr. Vidur Sharma


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